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Company name: zhejiang huiren electronics co., LTD

Contact person: ms xu

Telephone: 0572-2207633

Phone: 18072606105

Email address: hrsales1@hzhuiren.com

Website: www.hzhuiren.com

Address: 1818 gangnan road, economic and technological development zone, huzhou city, zhejiang province

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Zhejiang huiren electronics co., LTD., is a professional production and sales of electronic industrial products of science and technology enterprises. In 2007, the company was established in huzhou, a pilot demonstration city of "made in China 2025".

At present, the company has formed a "conductive plastic potentiometer", "industrial joystick" and "inverter" as the main three product series. Products are widely used in the military, aviation and other fields of automation and control cranes, loaders and other construction machinery.

Professional, from the assiduous pursuit of technology.

At the beginning of the establishment of the company, engineers from the eighth O third research institute of Shanghai aerospace technology research institute were invited to join the guidance, creating an excellent scientific and technological research and development team, and cultivating a number of "electromechanical integration" professionals. At the same time, strengthen the technical exchanges and cooperation with Germany, Japan and other international excellent colleagues, continue to innovate, to meet customer demand for customization.

Professional, from the product excellence.

Every 0.1 m is critical for each die and every spare part tested by the 2-d image tester. 16 product testing, for product quality escort. The company is the only potentiometer manufacturer in China that has "advanced equipment of laser linear correction and resistance adjustment". The "laser linear correction and resistance adjustment technology" developed by our company has absolute leading advantages in the field of conductive plastic potentiometer.

Professional, reflected in the meticulous service.

The company pays attention to the service first, the product service runs through in the production and the sale link throughout. Sales engineers provide "one on one" special services, tailored for customers, answer questions, to solve the customer's problems in the fastest time.

Because focus, so professional; Because professional, so outstanding. Today's huiren electronics, through technological innovation and international cooperation, is leading China's manufacturing in the high-end electronic industry technology advantages, with the wisdom of science and technology to create a better future!


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