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Classification of resistance materials by potentiometer manufacturer

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Classification of resistance materials by potentiometer manufacturer

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Potentiometers can be divided into wire-wound potentiometers and non-wire-wound potentiometers according to the materials of the resistive body. The wire-wound potentiometer can be divided into general wire-wound potentiometer, precision wire-wound potentiometer, high-power wire-wound potentiometer and preset wire-wound potentiometer, etc. The non-wire wound potentiometer can be divided into solid potentiometer and membrane potentiometer. The solid potentiometer is divided into organic synthesis solid potentiometer and inorganic synthesis solid potentiometer.

Potentiometers and conductive plastic potentiometers. Film potentiometer is divided into carbon film potentiometer and metal film potentiometer.

Potentiometer manufacturers by regulating the classification

Potentiometer according to the regulation can be divided into rotary potentiometer, push and pull potentiometer, straight sliding potentiometer, etc.

It is classified according to the variation law of resistance value

Potentiometer can be divided into linear potentiometer, exponential potentiometer and logarithmic potentiometer according to the change rule of resistance value.

Potentiometer manufacturers are classified according to their structural characteristics

Potentiometer according to its structural characteristics can be divided into single-coil potentiometer, multi-coil potentiometer, single potentiometer, double potentiometer, multiple potentiometer, tap potentiometer, switch potentiometer, locking type potentiometer, non-locking type potentiometer and SMT potentiometer, etc..

Classification by drive mode

Potentiometer can be divided into manual regulation potentiometer and electric regulation potentiometer according to the driving mode.

Other special types

Switch potentiometer: usually used for the volume switch and power switch in one, that is, counter-clockwise rotation to the bottom of the switch to cut off the power supply.

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