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Potentiometer manufacturers about the life of machinery

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Potentiometer manufacturers about the life of machinery

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The mechanical life of potentiometer is also called wear life. Mechanical durability refers to the total number of reliable movements of the moving contact of a potentiometer under specified test conditions, which is often expressed as "week". The mechanical life of potentiometer manufacturer depends on the type, structure, material and manufacturing process of the potentiometer.

In addition to the above characteristic parameters, the potentiometer also has parameters such as rated power, allowable deviation of resistance value, maximum working voltage, rated working voltage, insulation voltage, temperature parameters, noise electromotive force and high-frequency characteristics, which have the same meaning as the corresponding characteristic parameters of the resistor.

Potentiometer in the main role of the circuit potentiometer manufacturers said there are the following aspects

1. Used as voltage divider

The potentiometer is a continuously adjustable resistor, and when the potentiometer's swivel or slider is adjusted, the moving contact slides over the resistor body. At this time, the output voltage which is related to the applied voltage of the potentiometer and the rotation Angle or stroke of the movable arm can be obtained at the output end of the potentiometer.

2. Used as rheostat

When a potentiometer is used as a rheostat, it should be connected to a two-terminal device so that a smooth, continuously varying resistance value can be obtained within the travel range of the potentiometer.

3. Used as current controller

When the potentiometer is used as a current controller, one of the selected current outputs must be the sliding contact outlet.

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