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Fault problems and repair methods of rotary potentiometer

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Fault problems and repair methods of rotary potentiometer

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Fault problems and repair methods of rotary potentiometer

1. When the potentiometer is usually tested with a multimeter on both sides of the fixed pin ends, if the measured resistance value of the potentiometer deviates too much from the nominal resistance value, it may be that there is a fault such as short circuit inside the pin end of the potentiometer. So for the treatment of this kind of failure, small make up recommend that we generally choose to replace the potentiometer. Generally inconvenient to repair, because this kind of pin internal short circuit and other faults are due to the internal some components have been damaged, even if the repair, in the use of resistance body will be seriously burnt out open circuit because of the flow.

2. The common fault of general rotary potentiometer is that it makes great rotation noise during adjustment. The main reason is that the contact between the moving contact and the resistance body is not good due to the wear of the resistance body, which causes the resistance value to fluctuate from large to small, resulting in noise during adjustment. To deal with the noise of potentiometer fault method, first can be unwrapped potentiometer to, then add points on the axis of potentiometer industrial lubricating oil, its purpose is to can reduce friction when adjusting the axis of rotation and at the same time to reduce the resistance to wear, and on the use of the rotating potentiometer can eliminate the noise of failure.

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