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Resistance potentiometer: traditional and new products developed in parallel

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Resistance potentiometer: traditional and new products developed in parallel

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China's resistance potentiometer enterprises through the introduction and independent innovation, the core competitiveness of continuous improvement, 20 years, the total output increased by nearly 80 times, chip miniaturization is the future trend of resistance potentiometer development.

In the past 20 years, the development speed of resistance potentiometer industry is amazing. According to incomplete statistics, the total output of resistance potentiometer produced in China in 2007 was more than 520 billion (including sole proprietorship), nearly 80 times that of 20 years ago. The original state-owned enterprises and private enterprises in China have continuously improved their core competitiveness through restructuring reform and introduction of independent innovation, but at the same time, China's resistance potentiometer products are mainly at the low and middle end, and the high-end field needs to be broken through. In addition, chip miniaturization is the future development trend of resistance potentiometer.

The annual output increased by nearly 80 times in 20 years

Resistance potentiometer branch of China electronic components industry association was founded in 1988, which was the tenth year of reform and opening up. Previously, under the call of "science and technology are productive forces" proposed by the central leadership, the electronic industry has actively promoted the development of science and technology and introduced foreign advanced production technology. The whole electronic components industry has introduced more than 500 advanced production lines, including 128 resistance potentiometer production lines. The introduction of advanced production lines and technologies has changed the situation of backward production technologies and improved product quality and technical content. In 1988, the annual production capacity of resistance potentiometers reached more than 6.7 billion, basically meeting the basic needs of consumer, investment and military electronic equipment at that time.

However, compared with the international, there is still a big gap in the production capacity, varieties and quality of China's resistance potentiometers. In 1987, the production of Japanese resistors reached 88.717 billion (including 34.42 billion chip resistors), the consumption of American resistors reached 14.9 billion, and the production value of western European resistors reached 544 million dollars. In particular, China began to introduce the chip resistor production line in the early 1980s, but it has a small scale and low production capacity, with an annual output of only 500 million in 1988.

The total output of resistance potentiometers produced in China in 2007 was more than 520 billion (including sole proprietorship), nearly 80 times that of 20 years ago, of which about 450 billion were chip resistors, 900 times that of 20 years ago.

After 20 years of development, China has become the world's important production base of resistance potentiometer. Total production accounts for more than 30 percent of the global total. However, we should also clearly see that the current products are mainly low-end, from bigger to stronger, it remains to be further efforts of the industry.




Miniaturization is the trend

The development of chip and miniaturization has become one of the important signs of measuring the development of electronic component technology. At present, all kinds of electronic components are developing rapidly in the world, especially the three passive components, chip capacitors, chip resistors and chip sensors, which account for 85% ~ 90% of the total output of all kinds of chip components. In addition, the pace of compound, integration and high - frequency applications are also accelerating.

The miniaturization of chip resistance will continue. In addition to meeting the market demand of type 0603, the production scale and varieties of type 0402 must be further expanded. In order to ensure the safe and reliable operation of electronic equipment, the development of chip fuse resistor should be deepened. In order to improve the assembly density of electronic equipment, the development and application of network resistance will be further deepened. In addition to the existing model 1608, efforts should be made to meet the growing market demand of the model 1005.

In the future, the traditional lead resistor potentiometer will still take a large proportion in electronic components, because it still has a specific market, and there is demand for all levels, such as key projects, precision instruments, civil complete machines, consumer electronics and other fields. In particular, high-power resistor, high stability and high reliability and a variety of sensitive resistors within a short period of time is difficult to fully chip, miniaturization.

In a comprehensive view of the future resistance potentiometer industry, as a new type of electronic components, chip resistance will develop towards the direction of miniaturization, high precision, high stability, high reliability, multiple varieties and high frequency. With the development of information technology industry, its market space is very large, and the annual growth rate will remain at about 20%. But at the same time the market competition will be more intense, mergers and acquisitions and other market phenomena will continue. The production scale of traditional resistors will gradually shrink with the rise of new products, but the process of being replaced by new components will be long. This is mainly because in addition to the product itself is difficult to replace, there are many countries and regions for a variety of reasons no longer produced, which left room for domestic enterprises.

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