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Test the quality of the potentiometer of the tuning earphone

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Test the quality of the potentiometer of the tuning earphone

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Tuning headphone potentiometer is a common electronic components, but we know how to judge the quality of potentiometer?

This article introduces the detection of the quality of the tuning headphone potentiometer method, you can try it.

1. Check the rotation performance and switch reliability of potentiometer

When checking the potentiometer, first turn the shaft handle to check whether the shaft handle is flexible and smooth. If you hear the friction sound between the contact inside the potentiometer and the resistance body, it indicates that there is something wrong with the quality of the potentiometer.

Check the potentiometer with switch: when rotating or pulling the potentiometer shaft handle, you should be able to hear the clear "click" sound when the switch is on or off. Can also be used to check the low block multimeter switch between the two pieces of welding on and off, to judge the potentiometer is good or bad.

2. Test the nominal resistance of the potentiometer

The nominal resistance of the potentiometer of the tuned earphone is detected. The measurement method is as follows: firstly, put the multimeter into the ohm block, and then select the appropriate range according to the measured nominal resistance. Connect the two meter pens of the multimeter to the A and C ends of the potentiometer, and the resistance values measured at both ends of A and C are the total resistance values of the potentiometer, which shall conform to the specified range of nominal resistance values. If the multimeter pointer does not move, or the resistance difference is very much, then indicates that the potentiometer has been damaged, can not continue to use.

3. Test the contact situation of potentiometer

Detect potentiometer contact. Will put ohm block multimeter, and choose the right measurement range, and then A multimeter only pens and pick up the B end of the potentiometer, pens and connect the other sides of both ends of A, C, volatility potentiometer shaft at the same time, at this time all play table should be slowly as the deflection of Pointers: when shaft screw to extreme position, potentiometer resistance value shall be the nominal value or the minimum contact resistance. When rotating the shaft handle in the opposite direction, the pointer of the multimeter shall slowly deflect to the maximum or minimum resistance value in the opposite direction. If the handle rotates, the pointer of the multimeter will jump or suddenly become infinite, indicating that the potentiometer has bad contact and cannot be used any more.

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