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A straight - slip potentiometer slides along a resistive body

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A straight - slip potentiometer slides along a resistive body

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The moving contact component of a direct sliding potentiometer that slides along a resistive body and leads out an input voltage is called a brush. That is, the brush made of metal materials; The other is a carbon brush, that is, carbon morning I drowned chu and tree fingers and other mixed materials produced by the brush. The shapes of metal brushes are brush, point, sphere and multi - finger. In order to ensure the contact reliability and current distribution uniformity, the multi-finger brush has the best effect. The shape of the carbon brush is conical and rectangular, and the contact surface is flat or spherical. The contact reliability, low noise, mechanical durability and service life of the direct sliding potentiometer are directly related to the contact state and mechanical wear of the resistance body of the brush. Therefore, brush material should have corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance; Good thermal conductivity, good electrical conductivity, no magnetic, low contact resistance, high wear resistance and good mechanical strength.

The brush and the resistance body are in contact and friction state all the time. The two materials should be matched and combined properly to obtain small contact resistance and good wear resistance. If not properly combined, one of the two may wear out quickly. Compared with the resistance body, brush hardness and wear resistance should be slightly lower, so that the resistance body from damage, to ensure its reliability. When choosing the carbon brush, the resistance value of the carbon brush is much higher than that of the metal brush, so it has a great influence on the output of the straight-slip potentiometer. The resistance value of carbon brush is lower than that of carbon black and graphite in the formula. High carbon content low resistance, but poor strength. For high demand carbon brush sometimes add metal powder (such as silver powder) to reduce resistance. Brush resistance as small as possible, generally no more than 6 ohms. The strength of the carbon brush is the maximum pressure it can withstand. High strength is able to withstand the pressure is large, so the resistance with the resistance body contact resistance is small.

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