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Precautions for using potentiometers

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Precautions for using potentiometers

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Potentiometers are precision variable resistors for voltage dividers. Basically a sliding rheostat, it comes in several styles and is an adjustable electronic device commonly used in speaker volume switches and laser head power adjustments. What should we pay attention to when we use the potentiometer?

1. The potentiometer appearance should prevent condensation or the presence of water droplets, to prevent wet local use, to prevent insulation deterioration or form a short circuit.

2. The potentiometer shaft or slider should be designed to be as short as possible. The shorter the length of the shaft or slider, the better the feel and stability. On the contrary, the longer the bigger the shaking, feel easy to change.

3. In the process of turning knob on potentiometer sleeve, the used thrust should not be too large, or it will be able to form damage to the potentiometer.

4. Potentiometer reversal operation force (rotation or sliding) will become lighter with the increase of temperature and become tighter with the decrease of temperature. If the potentiometer is used in low temperature environment, it should be clarified so as to select special low temperature resistant grease.

5. The potentiometer is best applied to the voltage adjustment layout, and the wiring method should be "1" grounding; The use of current-adjusted layouts should be prevented, as the resistance to touch between the resistance and the touch pad is not conducive to the passage of large currents.

6. When fixing the nut of the device "rotary type" potentiometer, the strength shall not be too tight to prevent damage to the screw teeth or poor transformation; Device "iron shell straight sliding" potentiometer, to prevent the use of too long screws, or it can hinder the movement of the handle, or even directly damage the potentiometer itself.

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