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The difference between a potentiometer and an adjustable resistor

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The difference between a potentiometer and an adjustable resistor

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The difference between a potentiometer and an adjustable resistor

Although potentiometer and adjustable resistance are devices with variable resistance values, there are still some differences between them. The differences between potentiometer and adjustable resistance mainly include the following points:

Difference a, potentiometer has multiple, and variable resistor does not;

Difference two, potentiometer's volume is big, the structure is firm, the life is long;

Difference three, potentiometer action operation mode is different, potentiometer with a handle;

Four, the potentiometer resistance value distribution characteristics and variable resistor distribution characteristics of different output function characteristics of the potentiometer resistance distribution characteristics are different;

In addition, potentiometer adjustable range is large, mainly used for circuit (voltage or current) control, generally installed on the panel, to facilitate regulation. The adjustable resistance has a small adjustable range and is mainly used for circuit parameter compensation. It is generally installed on the circuit board.

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