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Performance characteristics of different potentiometers

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Performance characteristics of different potentiometers

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Characteristics of wire-wound potentiometer: high temperature resistance, high rated power, small resistance temperature coefficient, good resistance value stability, small contact resistance change, small current noise and reliable contact, and can achieve a variety of output function characteristics. And easy to control and guarantee the linear and nonlinear high output characteristic precision; At the same time, due to the recent, wire wound potentiometer in the material, structure, technology and other aspects of the new development, further improve the reliability, prolong the service life.

Characteristics of conductive plastic potentiometer:

1, the resistance body can be made of solid or film type arc or linear, smooth surface such as mirror, smooth, resolution is quite good.

2, there is almost no friction between the contact brush and the resistance body, the rotating moment is small and constant, there is almost no wear problems long life, low rotational noise, high reliability machine.

3, wide range of resistance, temperature coefficient of resistance at 110 °.

4, linear accuracy is usually the most practical independent linearity, accuracy of 0.1~ 0.5%.

5. Rated power consumption: 2--3W.

6. Resistant to chemical corrosion and atomic radiation.

7. Simple production process and less environmental pollution.

Three, synthetic carbon film potentiometer features: high resolution, can contact wu ladder voltage regulation, good abrasion resistance, long service life, easy to linear and nonlinear system of the potentiometer, strict control of the resistor body thickness, width, and can get the output characteristic of high accuracy, linearity, generally about 1%, after repairing time can be increased to 0.1%, the resistance range, usually 1 m to 100 ohms. This potentiometer is low in price and simple in craft. It is widely used.

Four, the characteristics of the photoelectric potentiometer: no conventional potentiometer mechanical contact brush, no mechanical friction. No wear, long wear life, up to several hundred million weeks, resolution and high, low noise, high sensitivity, output signal continuous. High reliability, resistance range, 500 ohm -15M. The work Angle ADAPTS the scope widely.

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