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General applications of several linear displacement sensors

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General applications of several linear displacement sensors

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1. The two ends of KPC and KPM are fixed with splicing sport, which is suitable for swinging. In the measurement system where the linear displacement sensor cannot be fixed, the displacement sensor will move with the measurement movement; KPC is suitable for larger motion stroke, while KPM is suitable for smaller motion stroke.

2, KTC, KTM, LS pull rod structure is a general structure, with optional pull ball universal head or fish eye universal head, can reduce the installation of non-neutral and bring adverse effects; KTM is especially suitable for space-tight applications such as thimble control in injection molding machines.

3. KTR is a miniature self-restoring tie rod structure, without traction and installation; Especially suitable for small space applications.

4. KPF type flange surface fixing structure can be used to detect the internal displacement of the cavity.

5. KTF and KFM sliders are suitable for applications with minimum installation length and size. With the lengthening arm, it can eliminate the bad influence in the installation. KTF is suitable for larger motion stroke control, and KFM is suitable for smaller motion stroke.

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