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Notes for installation of cable displacement sensor

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Notes for installation of cable displacement sensor

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The displacement sensor includes a tension displacement sensor and a linear displacement sensor. Cable displacement sensor is a kind of commonly used sensor product type, with compact structure, long measuring stroke, small installation space size, high measuring accuracy advantages, in many industries have a certain application.

Application of stay wire displacement sensor

Anchor displacement sensor is especially suitable for hydraulic cylinder system, testing machine, telescopic system, storage location, pressure machinery, paper machinery, gate opening control, textile machinery, linear guide system, sheet metal machinery, packaging machinery, woodworking machinery, elevators, printing machines, level control instrument, construction machinery and other related dimension measurement and location control, can completely replace the grating ruler to realize low cost and high precision measurement.

Notes for installation of cable displacement sensor

Do not use your hands or other products to remove the cable and allow it to spring back immediately before it is installed on the worktable or fixed seat. This will cause fracture of the cable and damage the body structure and personal safety.

The instantaneous acceleration of reciprocating motion of smw-lx and smw-hx series products must not exceed 1 m/s; This action will cause the steel cable to break, the company will not bear the responsibility beyond this scope.

4 fixed screw holes at the bottom can be used for direct installation or additional protection or other mechanical use according to site and machine installation space requirements.

When installing the stainless steel cable, pay attention to the horizontal Angle, that is, try to make the cable from the outlet to the moving part of the mechanism, in the work of horizontal sliding, maintain the minimum Angle (allowable deviation +/-30) to ensure the measurement accuracy and the life of the cable.

Cable body is stainless steel coated with fluorine layer, do not let it by external force cut, burn, impact and other improper things: excessive dust, debris or enough to destroy the cable items stored in the internal pulley or outlet will cause cable damage, resulting in the failure of the operation is not smooth.

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