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The heart of industrial automation is the sensor

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The heart of industrial automation is the sensor

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It is widely believed that the heart of industrial automation is the new generation of advanced intelligent sensors, which enables the continuous operation of product lines, connected to high-performance programmable logic controller (PLC) and human-machine interface (HMI) system through low delay and real-time network. Of course, time is money for manufacturers. As long as the manufactured product can reach the required quality level, the production line will continue to run as fast as possible, and the importance of linear displacement sensors is highlighted.

At present, displacement sensor, pull rope (line) displacement sensor, magnetostrictive displacement sensor as the 21st century the most influential and development prospects of high-tech, is causing great attention to the electronic information industry at home and abroad. The optoelectronics industry development association (OIDA) predicts that international market sales of smart sensors will grow at a high rate of 20% per year, and smart sensors will play a more important role in the era of industrial automation.

Changes brought by iot technology to industrial automation. At present, industrial production is indeed transforming to automation on a large scale. However, with the continuous commercialization of iot and cloud platform applications, the development of automation in industrial field tends to upgrade to a higher level, that is, intelligent production.

A new generation of advanced intelligent sensors will be the heart of industrial automation. "Smart factory" refers to the digital factory, on the basis of using the Internet of things technology and equipment monitoring technology to strengthen the information management and service, clearly grasp the production process, improve the production process control, reduce the artificial intervention on production line, real-time production data correctly, and the reasonable production plan arrangement and production schedule. The technologies that can be realized in intelligent factory include wireless sensor, control system networking and industrial communication wireless weighing sensor.

Some product quality indicators (e.g., viscosity, hardness, surface finish, composition, color, taste, etc.) are measured quickly and directly and controlled online. And the sensor that fuses intelligence technology will be able to solve afore - mentioned problems very well.

Sensors are widely used. All components of industrial production need to be monitored by sensors and feed data back to the control center, so as to timely intervene abnormal nodes and ensure normal industrial production.

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